How High Should A Sneeze Guard Be?

How High Should A Sneeze Guard Be? | Fast Acrylic

July 15, 2020

How high should the social distancing barriers and sneeze guards we need ultimately be?  We get this question quite frequently and there is no one-size fits all answer.

The depends...but we are here to help you sort it out!

The optimal height is based on the location the barrier will be used in and the height that you would like to have blocked off.  For example, the tallest member of our Fast Acrylic team is 6'3" or 75" tall.  This person isn't breathing from the top of their head though.  So we've set our social distancing barriers at an even 6' or 72" high.

Some of our solutions, like the Floor Free-Standing Protective Shield, are made to be that high or even taller!

Other solutions are based on the countertop, tabletop, or desktop height.  If you measure the height from the floor to the surface level that the barrier will be placed on, you can back into the sneeze guard height needed.  For us, that means we need sneeze guards that are 30" or 36" high depending on what part of the office we are in.

We've been using a combination of our Free-Standing Desk Barrier for desks in our offices and the Free-Standing T-Shape Barrier with a Transaction Window for our reception area.

If you have any additional questions or need a custom solution - please reach out to our expert team via email at or via phone at 312-500-4281 or even via this awesome contact form!

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