Acrylic Humidor


Cigar aficionados treasure their cigars and want to ensure they are well cared for. Humidors play a key role in the proper maintenance and aging of cigars. Fast Acrylic understands this dynamic and offers both premium and custom solutions. We know your needs are unique and we are here to help. Fast Acrylic is your one-stop shop for many of your cigar and tobacco storage and aging needs.

These humidors are durable, easily transported and available in a variety of standard and custom sizes to best suit your needs. Customizations are available to nearly any size and we can accommodate most options requested. Check on your favorite cigars through any side of the clear acrylic humidor.


Product Specs

Stock Dimensions (All units are from 3/16" thick material):

  • Small:  8”W x 16”L x 2"H
  • Medium:  8”W x 16”L x 4"H
  • Large:  8”W x 16”L x 6"H

Cigar Trays:

  • Small:  no trays
  • Medium:  1x tray
  • Large:  2x trays

Engraving: Select desired option, checkout, then send relevant engraving details along with your confirmed order number to:

Material: Acrylic

Assembly Required: No

Installation Required: No

Basic Care: Clean using non-abrasive soft cloths, mild soap and warm water


All fabrication and manufacturing is based in the United States. Fast Acrylic offers quick turn-around times for both small and large quantities. We also offer custom sizes and design options. Contact us at: for more information.

Note: Cigars not included; Engraving is representative only - actual, if any, engraving depends on selected options.