Restaurant Sneeze Guards and Barrier Shields

Restaurants have always been key in bringing people together. Food helps us connect and brings a sense of family and friendship to all patrons. Fast Acrylic understands the need of maintaining safe social distancing practices and offers top of the line sneeze guards and barrier shields to provide physical protection between customers and staff while still maintaining the ambiance of any venue. Our product line offers solutions for cashiers, buffet lines, between table options, hostess stands, and even to go order pick-ups. We know your needs are unique, and we are here to help. With quick turn-around times for both small and large quantities and custom manufacturing options, Fast Acrylic is your one-stop shop for many of your social distancing concerns. Our sneeze guards and barrier shields can help ensure your business is ready for whatever the future may bring.

Our mission is to help businesses on their path of reopening, and we can bring your ideal solution to life. Contact us today to see how Fast Acrylic can help your restaurant stay safe!