Flat Protective Barrier Shield


Fast Acrylic understand that business transactions look a little different these days. That’s why our Flat Protective Barrier Shields offer a built in 10”W x 8”H pass-through opening to help minimize the spread of germs when dealing with in-person customers. Designed to easily fit documents and card readers alike, we find that this product is the perfect solution for offices, banks, airports, drive through services, retail stores and much much more! Fast Acrylic not only offers this product in multiple different stock sizes, but can custom manufacture this product easily to fit your business’s unique needs.

Product Specs:

Stock Dimensions: 48”W x 30”H; 40”W x 40”H; 48”W x 36”H; 72”W x 36”H; 96”W x 36”H [Pass-through Dimensions: 10”w x 8”H]

Material: Acrylic

Assembly Required: No

Installation Required: Yes

Basic Care: Clean using non-abrasive soft clothes, mild soap and warm water.


All fabrication and manufacturing is based in the United States. Fast Acrylic offers quick turn-around times for both small and large quantities. We also offer custom sizes and design options. Contact us at: fulfillment@fastacrylic.com for more information.