Personal Security Barrier Shield


As one of Fast Acrylics most portable options, this Personal Security Barrier Shield offers peace of mind to individuals looking to take social distancing to the next level. This model provides a physical barrier and stands on its own on counters, desks, and tables. It is durable and easy to move as needed. Designed in a variety of sizes, it provides solutions to numerous industries and businesses. Customize thickness and size to best fit your needs. Need custom options? No problem! We are happy to speak with you further regarding your unique requirements.

Product Specs

Stock Dimensions: 18” x 18”; 24” x 24”; 28” x 28”; 36” x 36”; 40” x 40”; 18” x 24”; 24” x 32” [Thickness options are 3/16” or ¼”]

Material: Acrylic

Assembly Required: Yes

Installation Required: No

Basic Care: Clean using non-abrasive soft cloths, mild soap and warm water


All fabrication and manufacturing is based in the United States. Fast Acrylic offers quick turn-around times for both small and large quantities. We also offer custom sizes and design options. Contact us at: for more information.