Get Protection for Every Student!

This Student Desk Free-Standing Barrier provides physical separation between the desk user and anyone who may be passing by or working on the opposite side of the barrier.  It is perfect for use in schools with students across age groups and grade levels.

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Need an extra layer of protection between employees and customers in offices, retail stores, restaurants, and salons?

Our acrylic sneeze guards help maintain social distancing rules and reinforce public health practices. These clear plastic barriers, also known as social distancing barriers, help safeguard workers and guests alike from the spread of seasonal and other airborne illnesses by creating physical separation between people.

Our acrylic sneeze guards are ideal for any point-of-sale countertop, including cash registers, and any other high-traffic area such as bank tellers, coffee shops, reception desks, and take-out pick-up locations.

Including a clear physical barrier between employees and guests, your business can convey a message that it is taking the necessary precautions to protect everyone involved, which is a notion that we are positive each guest will appreciate.